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Should Al netilas yadayim and asher yatzar when was up most of night


Should Al Netillas Yadayim and Asher Yatzar be said when one didn’t use the bathroom in the morning and only slept about an hour unintentionally on his bed between midnight and chatzos(was planning to stay up all night, but fell asleep even though didn’t want to)


Al netilas yodayim should be said because you slept, and now you are going to daven. there are two reasons why we wash our hands in the morning, wither like kohanium getting ready to do the avoda, which is like us getting ready to daven. The second reason is because of a tumah on the hands because we slept, Since you slept and you are going to daven you have both reasons, so you sould say the brqacha. Regarding asher yatar, if you didn’t iuse the bathroom you would not say it.

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