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Réparation of. Shlihout


In the USA ,i was made shaliah to give some money to someone’s parents in Europe
I did not do it , should I give it back to the person who gave it to me or to the children of the deceased?( since the parents passed away since)
Is there ribbis if it was held for a long time?
It is very difficult for me to speak about this after such a long time.
Give me an advice how to proceed
Kol Touv


Ribbis there isn’t in any case.

About who to give it do-the question is discussed in the Gemoro-and it depends on exactly what they said to you at the time-the exact words. Either you can write it or we can talk on the phone. It is very good you ask such a sheilo because one can’t just do what he wants-there are halachot about it

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