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Wearing a Yarmulka while playing sports


Teaching in a Yeshivah High School. Whilst playing soccer, many boys will take the yarmulka off running after the ball. What is the the Halacha and what is Rotzoin Hashem ?
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The reason we wear a kippah is firstly to constantly remind ourselves that we are always in the presence of Hashem, and it also serves as a symbol the we are Jewish. It is definitely not ratzon Hashem to remove the symbol that we are connected to Him, just because we have to catch a ball! In general, it is a terrible habit that many kids have, that the second they start running, they remove their kippa. We are Jews even when playing sports, and we should also remember to play as Jew, and remember our real values. Halachically one should also not remove his kippa from his head when running.  The Shulchan Aruch (O:CH 2-6) write that it is forbidden to walk 4 amos without a kippa, and the Taz, which is brought in the Mishna Berura 4-11, says that it is forbidden to be without a kippa even when at home.

I understand that this bad habit that kids have while playing s because they see their friends doing it, and in more yeshivish circles, the kids manage to play just fine, and tier kippa doesn’t fall off, except on occasions. If the kids have a hard time with it, you can bring along an ample supply of bobby pins, to make sure that even if they do summersaults that their kippa won’t fall off.

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