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HaShem and Promises


I know that HaShem made various promises and covenants with people but my question is not about them. It is about us , can HaShem make a promise to a person that he will do something specific for him/her and if so then to what extent ? For example can he say to a person today that he will make him/her the wealthiest person ?



Thank you for your question.
Hashem is beyond boundaries and He can do whatever He wants. Yes, He can promise anything that he wants to anyone that He indeed chooses to do so. First of all since we are not on the level of prophesy, we are not going to have the merit of hearing such a promise from Him. Secondly, we have to earn having Hashem make such a promise to us. We have to be befitting for get such a great thing, besides Hashem has to decide that such a promise will indeed be good for us. For example if a teenager will ask his parents for his own car, they are not always going to readily agree, because it might not be a safe idea for them. Therefore even if we do have the merits that Hashem technically would grant us a promise, He has to decide that indeed this is in our best interest.


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