Cholent pot was taken off the stove by accident and put into a second kli. The owner of the pot then realized the situation and was upset about this and wanted the pot put back on the stove…can one put the cholent (while still hot) back in the original pot and back onto the blech or is it a chazara issue?


Under these circumstances, where the food was actually taken out of the pot, the “siluk” (removal of the pot from the fire) is a complete siluk, and therefore the fact that the owner did not know about it will not help (based on Magen Avraham and Perishah; but see comment below, that under extenuating circumstances there is room to be lenient).

The fact that the owner did not know about the pot coming off the fire only makes a difference where the siluk is not complete.

See Rabbi Akiva Eiger 254, cited by the Biur Halachah (254:2).

Best wishes as always.

See also comment below.

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2 Responses to “Returning Pot after Food Taken Out”

  1. In a shas hadchak case, like when there will be no other warm food at the actual meal or a case where shalom bayis would be disrupted due to the above event, can one rely upon the rama quoting the lenient rishonim (Ran Kolbo I think) who say as long as the pot is still hot one need not worry about the other conditions on shabbos itself. The Rama says Tov Lahachmir and not follow these lenient oppinions, but doesn’t that sound like a chumra and not miikur hadin?
    Thanks as always for the psak

    • In a case of dechak it is permitted to be lenient for this case. The Mishnah Berurah (253:47) rules that this does not add particular stringency to the case, and even according to those who are stringent – the Perishah (253:16) and the Magen Avraham, it will not be more stringent than placing the pot on the floor, for which one can be lenient under extenuating circumstances.
      Thank you for clarifying this point, and best wishes.

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