Dry cleaning one’s only suit which got dirty on yom tov? Is it allowed? What if it was not in perfect shape prior to yom tov, and the suit-owner did not bother to get it cleaned before yom tov, and then on yom tov it got extra-dirty?
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It is permitted to dry-clean a suit on Chol Ha-Moed if this is a person’s only suit.

Although some authorities are stringent (see Mishnah Berurah 534:8), if this is the only suit, one can be lenient (based on the basic ruling of the Shulchan Aruch and the rulings of most later authorities; see Magen Avraham).

The Kaf Ha-Chaim writes that for purposes of this halachah there is no difference between somebody who cleaned his suit before Yom Tov and somebody who didn’t. Even if there would be a difference, somebody whose suit was wearable before Yom Tov is not considered as having not washed his suit.

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2 Responses to “Washing Suit on Chol HaMoed”

  1. Picking up (forgotten) suits on Chol Hamoed from non-Jewish cleaners that were dry-cleaned by them in the week before Yom Tov and paying for them.

    • This is fine. The suits were given in before Yom Tov, and there’s no problem in picking them up.
      Best wishes.

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