If see a rainbow I need to say a brachah. This I know. But my question is in Israel, when it rains a lot in the beginning of winter you can see it nearly every day, so its sounds to me like a normal thing that happens. Do you say a brachah even if you see a rainbow daily? Is this a sign of Divine anger?


Yes, the appropriate bracha (Zocher HaBris) is recited upon seeing a rainbow even if this happens daily (which is very rare).

Like the brachah for thunder and lightning, one recites the brachah again whenever there is a “new” rainfall.

The rainbow is a natural phenomenon. According to some commentaries it is a bad omen and reminds us of Divine anger and restraint; however, it is also a symbol of Divine mercy (see Abarbanel to Bereishis 9:14; see Rashi and other commentaries who interpret the rainbow as a sign of Hashem’s desire to destroy the world, but holding back from doing so).

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