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Getting Married in a Dream

Last night I had a dream that I got married. I seem to recall reading that there are certain dreams that a person should fast after having. I believe getting married was one of them. Am I mistaken?

I am currently fasting, and my family is here for lunch! I am at a moderate level of observance and not worried about a fast, and my family is not offended if I don’t eat, and I won’t mention why. I just want to know if my memory is correct on this.


Yes, seeing oneself marry a bride in a dream is one of the fasts for which one should fast a taanis chalom. It would be proper to undertake this fast even on Shabbos.

Sources: See Divrei Chalomos (Schwartz), p. 122.

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  1. I’ve never heard this before! Is there a bit of reasoning for this you can provide? Is it bad to dream such a thing?

    1. the shulchan aruch in o:c 288:5 mentions an opinion that for this dream one should fast even on shabbos, the explanation does not seem self understood and is based on traditions of chazal who had an understanding of dreams and the other hidden aspects of Torah
      that being said, the average person who has such a dream should not fast, for a number of reasons:
      only one who is extremely agitated by such a dream would fast, today we generally don’t give significance to most dreams, rather we assume it is because of something that one was thinking about by day that led to the dream
      also, this is only one opinion in shluchan aruch, the kaf hachaim and others say for this dream the halacha follows the opinion that one would not fast

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