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Prayer for Women

Kavod Harav,

I read in Yalkut Yosef that women are always obligated in one tefilla. If I remember correctly, he writes that if she can’t pray shacharit, she should pray mincha, and if she also doesn’t manage mincha, she should pray aravit. My question is, if she only finds time to pray for aravit, to which day is the aravit shayach? If she prays aravit on sunday, does that mean she’s fulfilled her obligation for yom rishon, or for yom sheni? Is this the halacha for both sephardiot and ashkenaziot? Thanks to the Rav.


It would seem that she must pray one of the three prayers of each halachic day, starting with the evening either Maariv, Shachris or Mincha.

Many Ashkenazi women have the custom to pray 2 times a day, Shacharit and Mincha. Some rely on the above ruling of one tefilla a day.

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