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mishloach manos


The poskim bring that when sending mishloach manos on Purim, it is proper to send something that is in accordance with the wealth of the recipient. (The gift should have chashivus for the recipient.)

Therefore, when sending mishlaoch manos to a billionaire, what is an appropriate gift to send?


This is an interesting point. There is  a singular opinion, that we are only fulfilling the mitzvah if we give two manos according to the prominence and wealth of the recipient. Although we don’t paskin this way, nevertheless, it is preferred to do so to one person that we are giving, and to  give him two nice items according to his wealth. Therefore when giving out mishloach manos, we can give the “nice one” to a person that isn’t so rich, (we only have to give mishloach manos to one person).

On the other hand, I think that the understanding here is a little different, and we can fulfill it even to a fabulously wealthy person. This reason for this opinion is because he holds that the reason for giving mishloach manos is in order to add to the person’s meal. Therefore is we send someone something that is substandard for him, and he won’t serve it for his meal, we haven’t fulfilled the mitzvah. Therefore if we send him something that is worthy for him, at his level, to serve at his meal, that is enough, and we don’t have to give him a present of something that he never got from anyone.


Biur Halacha 693 D:H Chayiv in the name of the Chayei Adam, Teshuvos Vhanhagos 2-354. R’ Freidlander of  Ahavat Shalom agreed to this idea.

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