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Evil eye


I recently have been feeling very off balanced, all after someone looked at me very strangely, can it have an effect on me – what can I do to feel better spiritually and emotionally. Can a persons energy and what I’ve thoughts towards you, Chas veshalom affect



Thank you for your question.

There is an idea of maris ayin, but it is not usually something that a person will fell in a physical or even a spiritual way. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about it. There are a number of segulos that people do, to fight against ayin hora. Here is one that is brought in the gemora.

Put your right thumb into you’re your left hand and left thumb into your right hand, and say the following. I am writing it in English so you will understand what you are saying. “ I ( name_____) the son/ daughter of (mother’s name______) come from the offspring of Yosef, that an evil eye does not affect him”.  In Aramaic it reads “ana (polni ______) ben/ bas plonis_______) m’za’ara D’Yosef ka’asina, d’lo shalta bey ayna bisha”. You can say this every day.

Best wishes


Brachos 55b, Pele Yoetz- Ayin Hora, Doleh Umashke pg. 370. See Ben Yehoad Brachos 55b D”H Linkot for the reason behind this seguloh, Segulos Raboseinu pg. 138.


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