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Repentance for anger at parent


Kavod haRav,
1. Regarding repenting for getting angry at a parent, if the person apologizes to the parent and they forgive them, and the person does teshuva (on the day of the mistake) to Hashem for getting angry/ not properly honoring parent, does any part of the sin remain “on their record?”
2. Regarding getting angry in general, does sincere teshuva to Hashem erase this sin if done on the same day the mistake occurred?
Good Shabbos




  1. If the person did proper teshuva, to Hashem and the parent then the sin is erased. This is the basic halacha. There is another idea though which is on a higher level, and that is that although the sin is technically erased, however there are different levels of teshuva. For example, two people that got into a fight, and they made up, and forgave each other. Now the relationship is no longer on a collision course and that was corrected. On the other hand, asking forgiveness doesn’t automatically make them best friends again. That takes time, and the more the two move away from the fight and do thing to strengthen the relationship, the better the old relationship will become. Therefore, the more you will increase a positive relationship with your parent (only when possible) the better the original teshuva will be.
  2. Doing teshuva to Hashem on the day the sin was done is the best teshuva there is. The reason being because in kaballah we are taught that when a person goes to sleep at night, his neshoma goes up and give an accounting of everything that was done that day, and it get “written down”. Once the Aveiro was written down, ding teshuva will erase the Aveiro, however there are different levels of erasing, and the more it is erased the better it is. However, if the person did teshuva before that day, and it was before he went to sleep, the Aveiro isn’t written down as an Aveiro. Therefore, it is the best teshuva possible.

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