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Yeridas Ha`Man on 33 ba`omer


The Chasam Sofer (Sh`ut yore deah siman 233) suggests that the simcha of 33 baomer is due to it being the day the Man started to fall. I have several questions on this:
1. The Gem in Shabbos 87b seems to say that it was 2 days earlier – also quoted in Rashi Parshas Beshalach.
2. What is the great significance of this that it warrants festivities in all future generations?
3. Re Lag Baomer – The Chasam Sofer is bothered by the fact that we cannot create our own YT and celebrate days which are not in Shas and Poskim. So how is he answering his own difficulty?
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My understanding of what the Chasam Sofer is saying is that we don’t make a Yom Tov unless it is a day that a miracle of a change in nature happened. To this he wants to suggest, that perhaps the change in nature was that the Man started falling on this day. However right after that he says that this cannot be the reason, is not enough to warrant a festival, and specifically in Miron. So, on this point he agrees with you.

Regarding the calculation of the days, the Chasam Sofer seems to bring up this point, and he says that he discussed this in Mesechet Shabbos, however I have not seen where he talks about it.

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שו”ת חתם סופר חלק ב (יורה דעה) סימן רלג

“ולפי דאי’ במדרש שמיום שכלה החררה שהוציאו ממצרי’ הלכו ג’ ימים בלא לחם ואח”כ ירד המן א”כ הי’ הורדת המן ביום ל”ג בעומר וראוי’ לעשות לזה זכר טוב אך הוא נגד ש”ס פר”ע ושם הארכתי מ”מ לעשותו יום שמחה והדלקה ובמקום ידוע דוקא שיהי’ תל תלפיות שהכל נפנים לשם לא ידעתי אם רשאים לעשות כן”.

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