Question: B”H Thank you so much for your help. My question is: Is it ok (due to the quarantine, etc.) to use/ wear items that have not yet been tested… Read more »


Would this suit have shatnez

Question: I have heard that boss suits have had shatnez not sure if this would have Answer: My apologies but for such a question you have to ask you local shatnez… Read more »



Question: Do Hagar pants from Vietnam require shaatnez testing? Answer: This is something that you have to ask the local Shatnez checkers in your area. Best wishes


Ugg boots

Question: Are ugh boots shatnez? Answer: There were shatnez labrotories that said that they have found shatnez in Ugg boots. I am not up on this issue, but if there… Read more »


100% polyester

Question: Do I need to check 100% polyester woman’s top for shatnez? Thank you Answer: Please see the following post, where a similar question was addressed. Best Wishes  



Question: Dear Rabbi, Can a pair of trousers with 50% wool, 49% polyester and 1% spandex be bought? Very viral concerns about shatnetz. Thanks. Answer: Generally it should be checked… Read more »


Leviticus 19:19

Question: Shalom, I ordered a hat in the shop (but still have not bought it). The hat is made of two kinds of materials: viscose-35%, polyester-65%. My question is: (considering… Read more »


Cashmere and shatnez

Question: Is cashmere wool that cannot be mixed with linen? Answer: Cashmere is wool that comes from goats, and technically it wouldn’t be an issue of shatnez. However, according to experts… Read more »



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Laws of Shatnez

Please explain the concepts of “shatnes”, the dissimilar materials used in clothing. What is not allowed?? Answer: The Torah teaches about the prohibition against wearing a mixture of wool and… Read more »