A hotel employee hotel quoted a price to my wife of $250 a night. She agreed to have our family stay for 4 nights and that they should forward the info to me for final approval.
They forwarded the info and mistakenly (an honest mistake) quoted $750 b/c they they only counted 3 nights. At checkout they realize the mistake and want us to pay the full $1000.
I agreed to the $750 initially b/c I though that this was the price for all 4 days and might not have agreed it the larger price. What are my responsibilities?


Under these circumstances you don’t have to pay more.

If you were quoted a sum of $750, and agreed based on this sum, without realizing that there is a mistake, you cannot be charged more for the stay.

The “contract” between the parties was 4 nights for $750, and this is what is binding; it is not up to you to ensure that they have not made a mistake in their accounting.

In view of the situation, however, perhaps it is best to reach a compromise of sorts by paying a little extra for the fourth night. The special reason for this in the situation is that your wife was aware of the fact that the cost is $1000. Although I understand that you are the one making the decision and paying out the money, this is perhaps cause for reaching some compromise.

Best wishes.

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