I just got a form from Bituach Leumi asking me to pay over 4500 shekels for next year’s Bituach Leumi contributions. They offer the option of paying in one payment in two weeks (which I would normally choose, but I don’t have an extra 4500 right now) or in 5 or 8 tashlumim through horaat keva (which would be much easier).

But the form says those two options include ribit of 0.35%. Is it permissible/assur to choose one of those options?

Thank you.


Although these options do involve Ribit, the State, like all Israeli institutions, will have a Heter Iska.

It is sometimes preferable to refrain from using the Heter Iska. However, in this case, where the other side is not a person but rather the State, so that Ribbis is not being paid from person to person, and moreover in a case which is not Torah Ribit, one can certainly be lenient and rely on the Heter Iska.

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