Dear Rabbi,

I have been working on a part time basis for a business that offers specialized training services in a limited industry (i.e. there are not many possible clients in the pool) for about 15 years. one of the main owners is a frum jew. I feel he/they underpay the staff and overcharges clients as their are few competitors. After many years Of frustration I have decided to resign. Some of the business’s clients would likely move to me and take my services as I would be offering more and better services and a much lower cost? May I resign and approach these clients of the business?


No, you cannot approach the clients and offer them your services. This will be “poaching” the businesses clients, and is not permitted in halachah.

However, it is permitted to advertise, without specifically approaching any single client, and if a client is attracted by your better terms this is fine.

Please see here for more details.

Best wishes.

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