We have a private swimming pool in our backyard. There is a tall fence around it so that no neighbors can see anything going on in the pool area. Women swim here during the day.

My neighbor who owns a private house next door, is planning to sell her home to someone who will be building a huge, tall, multi family home on that property. That means that we will have to build a super (3 to 4 story) high fence in order for the people on the next property not to be able to look into our pool.

My question is: Who is responsible to pay for this expensive tall fence? Are we responsible? Or is it the new neighbor’s responsibility since when they buy the property our pool is standing already for many years and if they build a taller housing complex then they should take care and pay the money so that they should not be able to look into our pool area.

Thank you


The neighbor would be responsible to build the fence, as they are creating a situation of “hezek reiah” making visible one’s private affairs in their property.

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