I swim every morning to keep in shape. Every Friday I go to a mikvah L’kovod Shabbos. It occurred to me that for a man, a swimming pool may be just as good as mikvah. I just need to separate the elastic band from my skin for a second. After chatzos i’d need to wash my face, hands and feet with hot water.

Is this correct? is there any reason to go to the mikvah anyway?


A man may go to the mikvah in a swimming pool for keri or for erev shabbos mikvah, it isn’t as good as a real mikvah, but it is still alright. There is also a preference when going to the mikvah for tosefes kedusha for shabbos that it be after the fifth hour of the day.


Shut Torah Lishma 375, Teshuvos Vehanhagos 1-123, Pskei Teshovos 260-2, Likras Shabbos 8-2.

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