Do I have to search for chametz in my hotel room?
What about the frigobar


If the room has not been checked for chametz, then you have to check it for chametz. However if you are staying in a hotel and there was a religious Jew that stayed there before you and checked the room then you wouldn’t have to check it.

Regarding the frigobar, that is problematic because we are not allowed to have the chometz even of a non Jew in our possession. Ask the management to remove all items that are chometz, i.e. beer, whiskey, cookies, or tell them that you don’t want a fridgobar at all. If you already took the key, then you have to either burn the chometz, or throw it in the garbage in a way that no one will benefit from it, (even if it means that you will eventually have to pay the hotel for the bottle etc.).



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