Light Right

Question: I light my Shabbos candles with another candle. When I’ve lit the last one, I’m left with a lit candle that I’d like to extinguish, but I remember learning… Read more »


Spousal Bosis

Question: While we were learning hilchos Shabbos last week, my wife had the following question (regarding the point that someone else cannot make one’s possessions into a bosis since the other person… Read more »


Paying for Elevator

In my apartment building there are 13 neighbours. Originally, 15 units were marketed. One person bought two and put them together, installing an internal staircase between the two units. Another… Read more »


Nosy Neighbor

Question: Is it forbidden to look into someone else’s garden just as it is forbidden to look into someone’s house? Answer: It is forbidden to look into another Jew’s yard… Read more »


Personal Bankruptcy

Question: If a person experiences difficult financial times and begins to fall behind in his/her credit card payments. Is it halachally permissible to declare personal bankruptcy? Thanks Answer: It would… Read more »



Question: A friend borrowed some money and I have a signed document to prove it. I have decided to forgo the debt and let my friend keep it as a… Read more »