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Damaged a goy’s car


1) If someone damaged a goy’s (gentile) car, must he pay?
2) In this case, the goy was Ethiopian and did not understand English. I am not sure if they understood what I was saying… he seemed to say it was fine, but I do not know if he understood what I was saying. Am I obligated to find someone to translate? What should I do?


Answer From Horav Y. Fleishman Shlit”a

I don’t know why you decided that Ethiopians are goyim. Even if they are the Chazon Ish (Bava Kamo 10, 14) says you do have to pay as do most poskin except the Minchas Chinuch. Why would you think anyone would say it is ok-I would say that if there is someone to translate, use him.


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