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Problem with director of beis din


My wife went to beis din for a get. I was communicating with the director by email. He falsely wrote, with a copy to her, that I was not willing to go to ANY beis din. We never discussed this and all communications in email memory. This has caused me damage. May I take him to Beis Din?


This sounds very frustrating. I don’t understand what damages you are referring to, but it might be very difficult to prove this in bais din. Besides for that, you will have to prove that the damages weren’t merely a grama, which might be difficult, and it looks like you have your hands full with other things.

It might be a good idea for you to actually speak to the director of the bais din, in calm, not threatening way, to clarify where he gets this idea from, and correct the misunderstanding. This might save you a lot of heart ache in your already difficult situation.

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