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Running out of undershirts on Chol Hamoed


1) I ran out of undershirts on Chol Hamoed. Is there any heter to do laundry? Must I buy new undershirts? What if no stores are open, such as in Jerusalem (and I am makpid not to go to “town” because of shemiras einayim)?
2) What if I ran out of Shabbos shirts? Would it be better to wear white weekday shirts? Buying new Shabbos shirts can be expensive… Please advise.


Undershirts should not be washed on chol hamoed, ( according to some poskim nursing bras and support hose would be peritted- Hilchos Chol Hamoed pg. 32) but you may buy new ones, because you now need them for yom tov, I am not aware that shmiras einayim is a heter to transgress a takana of chazal not to do laundry.

A person that does not have shabbos shirts may wear clean weekday ones. Lekovod Yom Tov is not a heter to do laundry either.

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