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Buying on Chol hamoed


A couple from Eretz Yisroel visiting the US would like to shop for children’s clothes on Chol Hamoed for convenience. The items are not on sale. They can shop after Yom Tov but would be more rushed and pressured. Can they shop and buy on Chol hamoed.


If they can buy the items after chol hamoed they are not allowed to buy them during the  yom tov, even though it will cause more pressure after yom tov. As a sidepoint, personally, I once had a situation years ago that it would have been very helpful to make various arrangements for a certain trip during chol hamoed, however since it wasn’t considered a davar ha’aved, I couldn’t do it. After yom tov we had tremendous siyata dishmaya, and we got everything done in record time.



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