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Wisdom teeth surgery on chol hamoed


Is it permissible to schedule surgery to remove a teenager’s wisdom teeth on chol hamoed? The reasons are due to the non-Jewish doctor’s availability, and so the teenager won’t miss any time from yeshiva studies.


It is not permitted to schedule the appointment for Chol Hamoed. This is since scheduling an appointment is considered mechaven melachto b’moed, (planning work for Chol Hamoed), and even a davar ha’aved is not allowed to be done on Chol Hamoed is it was originally planned for then. As a side point although Torah learning is very important and every minute of wasted time is a tremendous loss, nevertheless it isn’t clear that saving time from learning is halachically considered a davar ha’aved.


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 538-1, M:B 11.

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