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Seder Hadin

“Seder Hadin” –  A comprehensive collection of Halachos pertaining to Beis Din procedures.

The Institute constantly works on publishing books for the benefit of Dayanim who deal with matters of Choshen Mishpat. One of the most important books published by the Institute lately is “Seder Hadin”. Seder Hadin was highly acclaimed by Batei Dinim and Dayanim worldwide.

Includes: Beis Din procedure –  including rules of testimony and  judicial hearings, the prohibition of secular courts, the plaintiffs rights, law and compromise, the right of appeal, refund of expenses, foreclosure orders, Zabl”a, arbitration, enforcement of rulings and the execution office.

Author:  Harav Avraham Yehoshua Heshel Derbaramdiker shlit”a – Av Beis Din “Nesivos Chaim”.

Price: 60 Shekel

To Purchase: Via the Beis Din office, Panim Meirot 1, Jerusalem. Or by phone +972-(0)52-7642-346.

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