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Baby Wipes and Bleeding


What is the deal with using baby wipes on shabbos (not for a baby)?

What if otherwise a person is likely to bleed due to sensitivity? is there a prohibtion of bleeding on shabbos? better or not better to use baby wipes?

I heard baby wipes that are not too wet are ok? how can one tell?


Some authorities rule that baby wipes can be used, but they should not be pressed strongly against the skin.

Some, however, rule that they should not be used at all. See where we have addressed the question in greater detail.

In general, one should be careful to avoid bleeding on Shabbos. However, if there is a question of kavod ha-brios (remaining dirty after using the bathroom), it is permitted to clean oneself even if this will cause bleeding. It may be helpful to use water, which can clean without causing bleeding.

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