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Shower on Yom Tov

What are the halachos regarding showering on a 3 day yom tov. Can one use hot water and liquid soap?

Also what is the correct way to wash dishes on yom tov?



Concerning showering on Yom Tov, please see the answer we have published here.

As we explain, one can be lenient to take a warm shower on Yom Tov where this is required, but one must be careful to ensure that he does not run into related prohibitions. He may not dry his hair (but can place a towel over the hair, without pressing), and must ensure that no fire will be lit or other system activated when the faucet it turned on.

Liquid soap can be used.

Dishes can be washed on Yom Tov with liquid soap, by using a non-absorptive cleaning aid (or with fingers).

Best wishes.

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