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Is Raw Meat Kosher


The Taz in YD 98 s”k 2 speaks at length about the issue of tasting meat to see if it has been salted. He argues with the Drisha who holds that it is assur to do this and says that since it is a suffek, you are allowed to be mekel to lick the meat. The issue I had is that bassar chai is muttar to eat (since the dam has not been cooked into the meat). I had difficulty understanding therefore why the Drisha would be machmir and the Taz only give you lechicha bmakom suffeik.

A gut g’benched yohr.


Presumably, the meat was not soaked in vinegar yet. It is only permitted to eat raw and unsalted meat if the meat is soaked in vinegar (le-umtza), which “traps” the blood inside. Absent this, it is forbidden to eat the meat because of the blood that is released upon eating.

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