A relative of mine recently moved to a geographic area where there is no kosher meat within 100 miles or more. My relative is Sabbath observant and does keep kosher. The lack of kosher meat normally is not a problem as my relative is a vegan and has no interest in meat. They are however concerned about this upcoming Pesach regarding the shank bone that is traditionally used on the Seder plate. Is there a halachically acceptable non-meat alternative for the shank bone? What do you recommend they do?


Although traditionally we use the shank bone, or a different piece of meat, in your situation where there is no meat or poultry available, you can use a different cooked item in it’s place. This is because the Talmud ( Pesachim 114b) says that the essential requirement is to have to cooked or roasted items, traditionally it is done with the shank and an egg, but in your situation, this is the best that you have.

Have a chag kasher v’sameach



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