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I have 5-10 PAREVE spoons that were accidentally used for cold cottage cheese or used in a hot cereal mixed with butter/ milk. Can i Kasher them in a pareve pot? Hot big does the pot need to be? Do i need to cover the entire spoon or just the spoon part? How hot? How long? Please fill me in on all the pertinent practical HALACHOS? THANK YOU


What was used for cold cottage cheese does not have to be koshered, and washing it off with soap and water and lukewarm water is sufficient.  Regarding the hot cereal, although there is controversy about it, it should preferably be koshered. You can kasher them in a pareve pot. Wash off the spoons well so that they are totally clean. Wait 24 hours from when they were inserted into the cereal, heat up a pot of water, even if it is just enough to cover them, (this is since there is no real treif food here, but only milk in a pareve spoon. Bring the pot of water to a boil, and insert the whole spoon into the pot for a few seconds, and then remove them and wash them off in cold water.

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