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B”H Regarding paying a Jewish person for their services, I used an online payment service that said they would charge the seller about $3.20 in fees. I sent payment ($100) plus the $3.20 fee. The seller did not receive the whole amount of the original payment (short 9 cents because the payment company took $3.29 instead of $3.20 out of the $100). I resent the seller $3.29 to cover the fee and the 9 cents to make it whole for the original payment, and with this payment I said: any extra money for this payment is considered a gift, no interest was charged. Was that a kosher transaction where no halachic money laws were broken or should I contact them and ask to refund it and I can send a check? Thanks.


Thank you for your question.

From what you are writing it seems that everything is just fine. There was no ribbis issues here, because, you didn’t pay them extra because you paid the money late, rather to cover their expenses. As a side point, if the person usually accept payment thru the online payment service, they are not expecting you to cover their backstage expenses, and it wasvery nice of you, but you didn’t have to do it, unless you are the one who requested using the online payment service.

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