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Meat spoon used in milk frying pan


I used a fleishig spoon to fry an egg in a dairy frying pan by mistake. The pan was not used for milk in the last 24 hours, and rarely used for milk at all.
I am not sure if the spoon was used for fleishig in the last 24 hours – out of a total of 9 spoons in the drying rack, 1 or 2 were definitely used for meat in the last 24 hours, and the spoon used to fry the egg was one of those 9.
Does the pan/spoon need to be kashered?



The pan and spoon are fine and do not need to be kashered.

All the best



Rema Y:D 94:5 is stringent when a ben yomo utensil touches an aino ben yomo utensil. However, this is considered a “stringency” and is therefore more lenient than other halachos. In this case it is allowed as you are not sure that the spoon was ben yomo, and we also have a rule that כל דפריש מרובא פריש i.e. we assume that the spoon was aino ben yomo like the majority of the spoons. In addition, there is the same sfek skeika brought in Shach 122:4 regarding all utensils that are safek ben yomo.


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