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Cooked fish in a meat pan


I cooked fish in a meat pan then put leftovers in a dairy plastic container and then put different dairy silverware in the the pot to soak. (This was all accidentally)
Question 1: What’s the status of the dairy plastic container
2: what to do with the dairy silverware and meat pot to use them again for meat and dairy separately?
The leftovers i assume are no good anymore.



The dairy plastic container is fine.

Regarding the silverware and pot (I assume that you used the words pot and pan interchangeably), assuming that there is not any food on either of them, it would depend on if either or both were used for hot dairy/meat in the last 24 hours (ben yomo) and if the water in the pot that the silverware soaked in was hot. In addition, if the water in the pot was hot, it is important to know if it was hot since it was boiled on the stove (klei rishon), or if the hot water inside the pot was from the faucet (and the water is considered in a klei shaini). Please feel free to let us know.

The leftovers are fine.

All the best



The dairy plastic container is fine: The fish is considered nat bar nat, and does not assur the container even if the fish was hot as this is called עלו and is allowed bedieved- Shulchan Aruch 95:2)

The leftovers are nat bar nat, see Pri Megadim Mishbitzos Hazahav Y:D 95:5.


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  1. Pan was not used for meat for over 48 hrs and the water used for soaking was luke warm at best.

    1. Did the silverware soak in the pot for 24 hours, and if so was there food on either the silverware or the pot?
      If the answer to either of these questions is no, then the silverware and pot are fine. However, if the silverware soaked in the pot for 24 hours, and there was food on the silverware or pot, please specify.
      All the best

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