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Do I owe any money?


I was trying to rent my apartment so I contacted an attorney I know to ask her a few questions about what I might include in the contract. I thought I might use her to write the contract. Finally, when I got a tenant my agent told me he has a contract everyone uses that I can use and modify as needed. I never hired the attorney. I only asked her questions which she readily answered. Should I pay her something just for her advice even though she never asked nor does she know I did not hire her to do the contract?




The answer to your question, depends on the local customs. If it is the done thing, that when a lawyer answers a few questions, that they charge, then you might have to give her some money. Otherwise not. If you want, you can be upfront with her about it, and ask her. She will most probably be impressed with your honesty, and not charge you anything for it.

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