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Stolen Packages


Someone ordered products which were delivered on Yom Tov and left on the buyer’s porch. The buyer left them on the porch throughout Yom Tov because he claimed that the delivered packages were muktzeh (since they were delivered on Yom Tov). They ended up getting stolen. Who’s responsible, the buyer or seller?

(Also, are the delivered packages muktzeh?)



Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question.

If the shipping company has a policy of leaving things for delivery at the door, when the recipient is not available, then they finished their job. Therefore, if they were allowed to leave it at the door, then the buyer is responsible for it. As a side point, depending on the situation, it might have been possible for the buyer to kick it into his house from a covered porch, etc. however, this depends on the individual situation.

If the delivered package came from outside of the techum, then they cannot be moved.

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