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Are women worthy



  1. Are women considered equal to men?
  2. Is it against the Torah for a woman to disagree with a man?
  3. Do women get a place in the world to come?
  4. I heard someone said it would be better for the Torah to burn then for a woman to learn it, are women that impure?



  1. It is hard to understand what you mean by equal. Women are definitely not men, and each one has tier strengths and weaknesses, according to the job that they are destined to accomplish. Women’s bodies were made with the capabilities to bear and nourish children, their emotional makeup, is more nurturing, in order for them to raise their children in a loving atmosphere. On the other hand, a man’s body was made with capabilities for him to do his job, to go out into the world, and work for his livelihood. Therefore he wasn’t given the same body as a woman, rather he has stronger muscles etc. in order to accomplish his job. Therefore, they are not equal rather different.
  2. There is no problem with a woman to disagree with a man, just from a practical angle make sure not to fight with him too much, so you won’t get hurt, as he might be stronger… In general, a woman is not the subject of the man, and a woman may have her own opinion, on whatever issue it is, without any reservation.
  3. Of course! In fact, the gemora says that a certain amora said (off hand I don’t remember who it was) that he envies the portion of the women in the world to come!
  4. I am not familiar with such a statement. There is however an idea that women should not study Torah in depth, the way men do, because (in general) their minds are not built for deep analytical thinking, which can lead to mistakes, but it has nothing to do with women bring impure! Very often a woman’s neshoma is purer, and has a pull toward spirituality more than a man, that is not impure!

In the final analysis, they were created different with different talents and strengths, not because they are less, impure, or lower, rather because they were given a different job to accomplish in this world.

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  1. I heard that the reason why women don’t wear a Kippa is because they are naturally more connected to Hashem.

      1. Women need to have an extra measure of tznius after they are married, for various reasons. Nothing to do with them being unworthy.

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