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Ribbis when repaying trip expenses?


Two Friends going on a trip – each one paying for different things – When making cheshbonos of what each paid for, do they have to be exact that each pays the same amount, because whatever was laid out 1/2 was a loan to the other , or do we say that each spent for themselves and later will get as a reimbursement for what they spent, but not as a repayment of a loan?



When they make the calculations as far as ribis is concerned, there is no need for them to be exact. This is because whoever laid out more and didn’t bother collecting it in full, it wasn’t because the other gave him interest, rather because he didn’t care to collect all that was owed to him. Additionally, they are like partners in the venture, and we don’t look at it as if it was a real loan rather like he didn’t get reimbursed for everything he laid out.

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