Almonds in the shell

During shelling, check for insects, webbing, or deposits, which are signs of worms (Illustration 130, 340).

Shelled almonds

Check over the entire batch externally for signs of a worm having entered the almond (Illustration 131). If nothing is found in the external check, halve about 10% of the almonds and check them inside. If infestation is found in this sample, all the almonds should be halved. Minor scratching or missing parts of the thin brown peel are not a sign of infestation (Illustration 132).

Ground almonds and blanched sliced almonds

A.  Strain through a mesh strainer such as a rice-strainer over a white surface. Check if there are small insects among the crumbs that have fallen through (Illustration 340).
B.  Spread out the pieces of almond that remained in the strainer on a white surface and check between them.

If infestation is found, do not use the almonds.