Heter Iska

This Heter Iska was adapted from a model Heter Iska presented in Rabbi Yisroel Reisman’s book, “The Laws of Ribis: The Laws of Interest and their Application to Everyday Life and Business”


Retail chain

Question:   I own a retail chain that sells men’s and lady’s apparel. Each of my stores is run by a manager – reliable, trustworthy people who worked their way… Read more »


Fly Away, Fly Away

Question:   Hello, My mother, may she live and be healthy, decided to buy two parrots for herself and my father in honor of their wedding anniversary. Those parrots were… Read more »


Inadvertent Advertising

שלום כבוד הרב, יש לי עסק פרסום. אנו מדפיסים חוזרים המכילים פרסומות של אנשים, סיפורים כמה מתכונים כדי שאנשים אוהבים לקרוא “העיתון” שלנו. ביום בשבוע כרגיל אנו להדפיס כ -4,500… Read more »


Question:   My name is Channie. I just recently got my license but I don’t own a car, and the only car I drive is my parents’ car. One day… Read more »