I live in a neighborhood where parking for the “mercaz” store area was free for many years (close to 2 decades). Recently, in an effort to free up more parking spots (which were being used/abused by residents and businesses, rather than customers) the city zoned the parking as requiring payment. The easiest way to pay is by setting up an account with a vendor and using your phone to sign in and out of parking, then you get a monthly bill. Sometimes I forget my phone when I go shopping, or sometimes I simply forget to call. I want to know if I use the parking lot (esp. at a time when there are many empty spots) and neglect to call in to pay – is that considered stealing or is it just risky (as I could get an expensive ticket). If the latter, then should I call in to pay even when I am not there to make up for a time when I used the parking lot but forgot or neglected to pay?


One is obligated to pay for parking when required. The ticket is not a stipulation and an option rather a fine for one who does not pay.

Unless their policy is stated otherwise, it would seem that one should pay by deducting from his account.

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