Fallen leaves

Question: Leaves from a tree on my porch flew into my neighbors porch and stuffed their drain. Am I liable for damages? Answer: Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman ahlit”a Were… Read more »



Question: A NEIGHBOR’S TREE GROWS ONTO YOUR HOUSE AND DOES DAMAGE. IS HE RESPONSIBLE ? Answer: Please see the following post, where a similar question was answered. http://dinonline.org/2017/06/28/neighbors-tree/ Best Wishes


Grama Benizakin

Question: What is the biblical source that grama in damages is patur? Thank you Answer: See Yad Rama Bava Basra 26, Birkas Shmue Bava Kama 13,14 &20 Also Kuntrasey Shiurim… Read more »


Retail chain

Question:   I own a retail chain that sells men’s and lady’s apparel. Each of my stores is run by a manager – reliable, trustworthy people who worked their way… Read more »