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Damage During Shatnez Checking




I check clothing for shatnez.
I do take payment for checking of garments.

I was recently checking a jacket and I was viewing an internal component.
While I was checking the internal component, some of the stitching which connects the internal component to the inner lining came undone/ripped.
I was checking in a normal manner and I felt that I wasn’t being rough.

I then checked the stitching and found it to be very weak.

The place where it ripped is small, internal and will probably have little or no effect on the wearing of the jacket.

I am required to tell the customer?

Thank you




It is hard for me to give an exact answer to you, because I am not very clear as to what happened. The general rule is that if the damage that was done will not make a difference to the customer, then there is no need to say anything, However, if it will negatively affect him, even in the future then he has to be told.

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