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Kid damaged a car


My son was riding his bike and made a scratch on a car. We wrote a note and left it on the windshield but the person didn’t call. It rained the next day so the note may have gotten erased.
It’s a few months later and the damage wasn’t fixed (so I assume the owner will not fix it, it’s a minor scratch).
If an adult would have done it then he would need to follow up to ensure the message was read. Since it’s a minor, am I obligated to tell my son that it’s possible the note got lost and he should write it again.




The preferred thing is to put another note on the car just in case the owner indeed didn’t see it. Although a child how damages, cannot be charged in Bais Din, nevertheless this is what should be done, “l’tzeis yidei shomayim”. As a side point, even if the car owner wants some compensation, you wouldn’t have to pay him more than the value that the car depreciated.

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