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Selling ticket and someone interfers


My school is doing a raffle to raise money and they tell the bajurim to sell tickets and you get 5% of the value of the ticket you sold.
I was selling a ticket of 5000$ and he was going to buy it but then came a friend and told the man that would get 250$ if i sell it and he didnt like that the kids got part of the money and he didnt buy.
My friend has to give me the 250$ that i would have gotten if he didnt spoke?


Answer by Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a.

You cannot make him pay for it-it is not right to do what he did but beis din cannot make him pay because it is called, preventing you from earning you from making a profit and not as causing you a loss.


See Shach Siman 386 note 25 and siman 292 seif 7 in Rama.

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