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“משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה”

Purim is a festival of joy, of simcha, a holiday full of faith in Hashem. In Adar, we are commanded to rejoice even more than usual.

for the upcoming Adar and Purim,  We collected for you articles related to the month of Adar, Purim, Fast of Esther ,reading the Megillah, Machatzis Ha-Shekel, gifts to the poor – Matanos La’Evyonim, sending portions one to another – mishloach manos and all the other issues and questions about the month of Adar and Purim.


Purim – Matanos La’Evyonim – Gifts to the Poor – This article explains the laws of Purim gifts to the poor, who are obligated to give Matanos La’Evyonim, how much should be given, whether each charged with gifts to the poor.

Purim Charity: Halachos of Matanos La-Evyonim – Another article about the laws of Purim charity and gifts for the poor.

Halachos of Machatzis Ha-Shekel – what is Machatzis Ha-Shekel? When to give Machatzis Ha-Shekel, and to whom? All this and more, in the following.

Zecher LeMachatzis HaShekel – this article examines the original mitzvah of machatzis hashekel and how its “zecher” is practiced today

Purim – The Megilah – collection of halachic questions about Megillas Ester.

Purim – Everything reversed including Choshen Mishpat

Halachic questions for purim

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