Workers on purim day

Question: Can a person have repairs done on his house on Purim day Answer: I don’t know the circumstances of your question so it can only be answered in a general… Read more »


Mishloach Manos with Sandwich

Question: If one gives a super-extreme deli sandwich, (such as salami, bologna, pastrami, smoked turkey, plus pickles, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, red onion, ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise, etc… on a… Read more »


purim seuda

Question: Rebbe Zeira refused to eat by Rabba because “not every time does a miracle occur.” Why couldn’t he say, ‘I will come on the tenai that you don’t serve… Read more »


Purim katan

Question: Is there any esur doing business on purim katan? Answer: No. We have eat a little more, don’t say tachanun etc., but work is permitted.


Kriat HaMegilla

Question: If BeSha’at HaDechak, I am unable to make it to hear Kriat HaMegilla BeTzibur, can I be Yotzei by listening to a recording while simultaneously reading it from a… Read more »



Question: Hello, I was listening to the Megillah, following along in kosher Megillah, and then missed a few words. I then caught up but without being sure that I necessarily… Read more »