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Purim Katan


Is it required to add something to a meal on Purim Katan? If one is having a meal they love anyway, must something be added?
And is the day before (so today) a fast day? I read on Wikipedia that some fast like before the usual Purim.



On Purim Katan we add something to the meal, if it is a special meal that you don’t usually serve, then that is considered adding by serving something that is more festive.

The day before Purim Katan is NOT a fast day, and as a side point Wikipedia is not the  place for you to learn about Judaism and its halachos. There are numerous good Jewish books, and even websites to ask, (such as Dinonline….) and they can answer all of your questions, and you don’t have to come on to Wikipedia for this.

Best wishes and Purim Katan sameach


רמ”א (ס’ תרצ”ז סעי’ א) “י”א שחייב להרבות במשתה ושמחה בי”ד שבאדר ראשון (טור בשם הרי”ף) ואין נוהגין כן, מ”מ ירבה קצת בסעודה כדי לצאת ידי המחמירים; וטוב לב משתה תמיד. וע’ ח”א (כלל קנ”ה סעי’ מ), ערה”ש (סעי’ ב.) קיצור שו”ע (סי’ קמ”ב סעי’ י)’

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