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follow-up to assorted kashrus questions from 02/16/2024


Thanks for getting back to me.
1) I originally wrote “a treif cutting board on top of a dairy plate with water in between- would there be a transfer of taste”- I mistyped. The cutting board wasn’t treif, but it was clean and wet and sitting on top of a clean, wet serving bowl that had recently became treif (I don’t remember if it was ben yomo treif), for about a day ( a Rav told me I could save it for cold things). Is this problematic?
2) The rav wrote that it’s very hard to have a treif cutting board. However, if someone cut an onion with a fleishig knife on top of a cutting board and then cut a different onion with a dairy knife on top of the same cutting board, wouldn’t the cutting board become treif?
3) “even if the ketchup bottle got a little bit of grease on the outside”- the ketchup might have gotten a little greasy on the inside of the cap, not the outside of the bottle (though again, I don’t know if it was davka this ketchup that was used for the dairy foods).

Some new questions:
3) I have two burners on my stove for dairy in my kitchen. They are only used for dairy, though sometimes I also burn challa on top of one of the burners, but I haven’t done this in the last 24 hours. The challa is always double-wrapped in aluminum foil. Today a hot spoon straight from a pot of pasta fell onto the burner where I sometimes burn challa. Is this problematic?

4) I recently bought a new pot intended to be for fleishigs. On the way home, I decided to buy a hot, dairy garlic bread. The new pot was sitting on the floor of the store in an open bag as I was buying the hot bread, which I put into a different bag. I didn’t see anything fall onto the pot, but I got a little nervous that maybe some crumbs from the bread fell onto the top of the pot. There’s really nothing to be concerned about here, right?




1, It is not problematic.

  1. According to most poskim not, because you didn’t cut into the cutting board, but on the cutting board.
  2. Even if it did, in retrospect it would be considered insignificant.
  3. If the challah is put in the place where the firs is burning, that is like it is koshered, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  4. Sorry for saying this, but the only to do for this is to know that it is just nerves, nothing else.

Best wishes


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  1. The challah is put double-wrapped in foil on top of a grate which is on top of the fire, not directly on top of the fire (I don’t remove the grates). Is this still okay?

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